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Something Happened Here

In Spring 2023, students in HSS 244-01: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?: University History and Digital Storytelling developed this project to educate the UNC Greensboro community on important people, places, and events in campus history. Students used resources from the Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives to research topics of their choice.

On April 20, 2023, the class finalized their public history project and presented their work to an audience of campus faculty and staff. Markers with QR codes were placed around campus to indicate that “something happened here” and to guide interested viewers to this website.

A map of all of the markers on campus tied to the Something Happened Here exhibit:

Content creators for “Something Happened Here:”

  • Charlotte Bland
  • Autumn Davis
  • Will Harvey
  • Brooklyn Haynes
  • Alea Knight
  • Elena Mendenhall
  • John Reese
  • Sebastian Rodriguez
  • Jocelyn Rubio
  • Sabrina Scott
  • Nikolai Tassin
  • Lukas Tucker
  • Shea Wargo
  • Erin Lawrimore, instructor

Special thanks to the faculty and staff of the Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives and the Digital Media Commons, both in the UNCG University Libraries. We also appreciate the University Libraries faculty and staff who guest lectured in the course and helped us build our knowledge and skills for this project — Paula Damasceno, Stacey Krim, and Kathelene McCarty Smith.