Varsity NCCW Vest

From its founding, UNCG emphasized physical activity and personal health. Curriculum in the first year of the school (1892-1893) included the Department of Physiology and Health, which had two objectives: instruction in hygiene and an individualized program of exercise. A course in Physical Culture was required of all students. The work included gymnastics, calisthenics, and other exercises that were meant to promote the student’s general health and strength.

Students, however, wanted opportunities for athletic competition, not just physical activity. The graduating class of 1900 convinced President McIver of the need for a campus Athletic Association and the athletic grounds. The campus Athletic Association was formally established in 1900. In a space that is now the site of the Petty Science Building, the women of the Athletic Association cleared and prepared playing grounds, marked the fields, and installed nets on four tennis courts and basketball goals.

For the most part, team sports were limited to on-campus competitions between the classes. By 1914, the Athletic Association offered events in basketball, tennis, field hockey, baseball, cricket, golf, camping, and gymnastics. They also sponsored May Day, Field Day, and various sports tournaments throughout the year. This vest was worn in competition by a member of the class of 1931.

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